Broke as hell, but not down and out…

Four mismatched queer strangers -- an aspiring novelist, an hardworking immigrant, a divorced dad, and a seriously sexy newcomer -- have lucked into their dream Manhattan apartment. But when the rent skyrockets out of reach, there’s simply no option…it’s time to move. To an (even) smaller place, to the suburbs, or God help us, home to Indiana with Mom and Dad.

Or…hatch a plan. Welcome to EXTRA ROOM, a comic meditation on living close, set in the capital of tiny living, New York City. No one lives as tightly as New Yorkers, where a cozy one-bedroom can often mean showering in the kitchen or sleeping in the closet.

How will our roommates keep the home of their dreams? Step one: Get creative. Yeah sure, New York is the city that never sleeps…but when you’re packed sardine-tight on the A train, working endless shifts at dead-end jobs, running on treadmills and surfing dead-end apps, the American Dream is hard to come by. Fight the power with your only weapons: charm, hustle, two-for-one pizza slices, and the gig economy.

Step two: band together.  Like the women of Sex and the City and Insecure, the twentysomethings of Friends and Living Single, and the housemates of Golden Girls and Three’s Company, our intrepid crew -- which includes a multicultural mix of hairy bears, aspiring musicians, genderfluid pastry chefs, social media climbers, LatinX powertops, and corn-fed twinks from Kansas --learns that life gets better when we do it together.

Step three: Don’t just survive, thrive! Get SEXY. One-night-stands, ex-lovers, fussy neighbors, your favorite barista -- this is your tribe, the one you never realized you always needed.

Yes, eviction’s always one month away, and that temp gig could disappear at any minute.  But no one, NO ONE, is moving back to Indiana to live with Mom and Dad.  Not now, not ever.

Because this is how you make extra your heart.  For what’s necessary!